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katerina pantasoula, Michael Metaxas

Dance is flow and flow is an expression of accuracy, internal discipline and coordination that listens to the silence of light or the harmony of shade, as reflected momentarily in vacuity.

A sacred act, full of twists, jumps, tension, drops and contractions, the dancer balancing freely like a rope walker in light and shade deifies in four dimensions.

The dance is related to the mind and the body, with speed and flexibility, with the persistent effort of the spirit to dominate matter. It is the shape and form, with plasticity each unstrained effort reflects the anxious mood of the body to prevail against weight, conquering ether and an eternity moment.

A “retailer” of this mood, Katerina renders tranquility and noise with theatricality and, like a “body” guided by imagination, proves that flow has no limits… because human ingenuity has no limits…

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